Impacted Canines

An impacted tooth essentially means that it is blocked, stuck, or unable to fully erupt and function properly. Third molars (wisdom teeth) most commonly fall victim to impaction, but the upper canine (“eye tooth”) is the second most common tooth to become impacted. Wisdom teeth serve no important function in the mouth and are frequently removed; however, impacted canines are critical to the bite and require treatment for the following reasons:

  • Closing Gaps – Canines are the last of the front teeth to fall into place and therefore close any unsightly gaps between the other upper teeth.
  • Function – Canines play a vital role in the “biting” mechanism of the teeth. 
  • Proper Alignment & Function – Canine teeth are essential to the correct alignment and function of the other teeth on the dental arch. Missing or impacted canines can greatly affect the function and esthetic appearance of the smile.

Oral Examination

The periodontist initially conducts a thorough visual examination of the teeth, accompanied by a CBCT scan (detailed 3D image).  In collaboration with your orthodontist, the impacted teeth are identified and the most appropriate approach is treatment planned.