Our office is filled with leading edge technology to help provide the best and most efficient care. We utilize paperless charting and digital x-rays; exceeding industry standards for infection control. 

Laser Dentistry

Patients concerned about potentially painful procedures, or who had a longstanding fear of the dentist and lengthy recovery times can benefit greatly from laser assisted dentistry.

Laser dentistry combines water, air, and a small laser for safe use on human mouth tissue. The unique method takes advantage of the presence of water in our teeth, using the laser energy to excite the water molecules to facilitate the procedure, while simultaneously hydrating the tooth with a continuous flow of water. The result? A virtually pain free experience!

And because laser dentistry is so comfortable, in many cases little or no anesthetic is needed.

Safe and Precise

Our doctors have extensive training utilizing laser dentistry even for routine procedures, meaning more precise remove of parts of the tooth, reduced micro-fractures and a decreased risk of infection.

Digital Imaging

Cone Beam Computed Tomography, also known as Cone Beam CT, is a breakthrough technology for implant dentistry and diagnostic dentistry. Unlike traditional X-rays, this type of X-ray creates a 3D image with tremendous detail and has become increasingly important to implant and maxo-facial treatment planning.