The Start of Modern Periodontics in Michigan

Dr. Willa Yeretsky was the first periodontist in West Michigan. The early 1960s were not known for their equity toward women in male-dominated professions, but she was a leader in the field, particularly known for her ability with occlusion and regularly lecturing on the subject. She was integral in the formation of the Michigan Periodontal Association in 1962.

From there, the practice continues to grow and welcomed other periodontists as the specialty of periodontics became more widely used as a treatment and preventative method for oral health care. For nearly a decade, Dr. James C. Papp has continued that legacy of innovative periodontal solutions to establish long-term care and comfort for patients facing a variety of oral health challenges.

Today, Great Lakes Periodontics, Laser Surgery & Dental Implants is proud to provide the same innovative treatment solutions and industry-leading techniques just as it did when it started more than six decades ago.